О проекте

Ecodolie - is a new generation housing community where the most advanced architectural and technical solutions were realized. It is also a harmonious living environment for a community of people, aspiring to a new way of life. Each resident of Ecodolie will feel as a satisfied owner of their house, space and even time. Advantageous ecological conditions, unified social environment and safety are integral attributes of life in Ecodolie.

Residents of the community can spend the majority of their time outside their own houses, since extensive park zones and entertainment infrastructure occupy about a third of the communal territory.

Here you can find alleys surrounded by trees, natural and artificial reservoirs, numerous recreation areas and cozy paths. All of them are designed for residents to enjoy sports activities in the mornings, children’s games in the afternoons, and slow walks in the evenings. The proximity of Sok River and the forest along its banks will make one feel close to the nature. Thanks to just a short drive from the city, Eodolie is a perfect combination of city life and country peace. A variety of architecture, solid choice of houses, magnificent location, rich infrastructure and supreme safety give residents of Ecodolie feeling of uniqueness and harmony.