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Two-storied house Selenga is approximately 172,21 square meters best suited for a big and outgoing family. In the design process our designers thought about everything.  There is a spacious hallway and a separate bedroom on the first floor for senior members of the family. There’s also a big kitchen with a living room where it is so nice to gather in the evenings for dinner, or a cup of tea, to have slow conversations, and listen to singing of birds behind the window.

On the second floor of Selenga there are three big bedrooms, each with a separate exit to the hallway. The master bedroom is equipped with a spacious walk-in closet, where the lady of the house can hang her numerous dresses. One more bonus is a spacious bathroom with a window.

It is so nice to enjoy the sun and good weather on the second patio that leads to a courtyard. The patio can be modified into a small summer terrace where it is nice to relax after the busy city life. In the courtyard it is possible to set up a barbeque grill to treat family and friends to a fresh grilled meal.

Selenga has a spacious garage, the size of which will please any car owner!

Terrace on the backyard is an additional option.


You can select different options when deciding on your housing project.

Each option will impact the total cost and can be ordered in whole or in part.

Basic options

  • terrace construction
  • preparation to the fireplace installation +  vent

Finishing and cosmetic options

  • rough finishing
  • cosmetic finishing
  • partial finishing
  • entrance door replacement
  • stone riprap installation
  • drains set up (only one-storied houses)
  • furniture and house appliances set up

Utility options

  • heating boiler installation
  • utility cables installation

Landscape options

  • fencing
  • building of sidewalks and driveways
  • landscaping



Сomplete unit