Caspian | 213 m2 | Стоимость объектов вы можете уточнить у менеджеров отдела продаж по телефону (846) 213-30-30


Caspian is a big house about 213,26 sq.m., and it’s our architect’s favorite project. Those who like space and don't compromise on anything will appreciate this house. After a busy day, your whole family can gather together in the heart of the house - a huge living room. Everyone will have his or her own room in this house.

Owners of big cars will enjoy a very spacious garage in this house.



You can select different options when deciding on your housing project.

Each option will impact the total cost and can be ordered in whole or in part.

Basic options

  • terrace construction
  • preparation to the fireplace installation +  vent

Finishing and cosmetic options

  • rough finishing
  • cosmetic finishing
  • partial finishing
  • entrance door replacement
  • stone riprap installation
  • drains set up (only one-storied houses)
  • furniture and house appliances set up

Utility options

  • heating boiler installation
  • utility cables installation

Landscape options

  • fencing
  • building of sidewalks and driveways
  • landscaping

Сomplete unit

Базовая комплектация

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